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Teo Peter and Costi Camarasan met in one of the home neighborhood parks, Gheorghieni, where dozens of young men from Cluj gathered in the evening to play the guitar.They became friends and set up Break Group, which fell apart three years later, along with the departure of each of them in the army.Once "men" returned, Teo and Costi met again and thought it would be the case to continue their musical career. They have joined the project Marius Luca, Cornel Moldovan and Balacs Laszlo and the name of the band was elected at the former pub of the Politehnica Cluj students (known as 'The Dean'). It happened in 1977 and the band Compact became, a few years later, one of the most popular in Romania.They managed to obtain a rehearsal hall at the University Club (Equinox building) and started to work.In '78 the band played the whole summer season on the seaside.At the end, the guys signed a contract with the Romanian Agency for Artistic Impresario (ARIA). In '81, Electrecord planned Compact to record the debut album.For a band so young and on top, established in the province, meant enormous. But it wasn't ment to be. At the end of the summer season, the boys have fought for the first time because of the money and shortly the band fell apart.From five two remained: Constantin Camarasan and Teo Peter.Compact had to go on."I noticed Paul Ciuci and Lelut Vasilescu at a show named "Cantarea Romaniei", conducted at the Military Circle from Cluj".At that time they were in the band "Telegraf", in Turzii Plain.I met them again later, in Medias, at a festival and I first thought at them, "confessed Costi Camarasan later.The "critical" discussion took place in the fall of '81, at a concert which the "Telegraf" helded on the stadium in Turda.Ciuci and Vasilescu agreed, so that the band "Compact" began rehearsals in the new formula.

Compact in 2012
Paul Ciuci
Aurel "Lelut"Vasilescu
Adrian Kislef
Adrian "Coco"Tinca
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