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Icon CD Muck Grohbian

Muck Groh (born 1946, in Nurnberg) learned classical horn at school, and then taught himself to play guitar at 16. Whilst at University he played in assorted rock, pop, soul and jazz amateur groups, before joining Ihre Kinder in 1967. We know Muck best as the guitarist in early Aera, on HUMANUM EST and HAND UND FUSS. He left during the recording of their third album TURKIS, and went on to work with Carsten Bohn, Ernst Schultz and others.

So, from Ihre Kinder to Aera, to solo, Muck Groh was ever an unpredictable musician. His debut solo, the delightfully (?) titled MUCKEFUCK, starts logically as a continuation of the Aera style, with his characteristic multi-guitars against a jazz spiced rock fusion. But, typical of albums from this era, elements of funk start to set in, and it all ends up sounding more like a collection of demos showcasing his talent as a wide-ranging composer and musician rather than a properly conceived album. The rot sets-in big-time with the dreadful "Blinde Kuh" an almost (bad Spliff/Zappa style) punk spiced pop song in German, and elsewhere the funk almost gets too much. There are some pleasant surprises like the folky "Mondstrahl" but, even with such a luminous cast of talent, it's never as good as it should have been!

Much better, the album GROTESK (based around the former Aera duo of Muck Groh and Wolfgang Teske) was a typically jazz-rock twist on the Aera sound one would expect, with the involvement of renowned jazzer Ulrich P. Lask adding a new slant on the style. According to Aera's web site, the completed GROTESK 2 was never released, but existed only as a demo. It is in a similar vein, but with a slightly funkier edge.

Muck Groh now lives in Wurzburg, and spends his time as an artist, he is no longer involved in music.

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg
Muck Grohbian - Muckefuck, 1979 [2011, LHC 00105]

Originally released in 1979, these recordings show the first solo efforts by formerly Aera leader, guitar player and composer Muck Groh. But in fact this album wasn't a solo album but could be described at the third Aera album of Aera's first decade line-up. All those great musicians like sax player Klaus Kreuzeder, drummer Wolfgang Teske, violinist Christoph Krieger and a lot of guest musicians like Alto Pappert (formerly Kraan) and Aeras second decade musicians like Matz Steinke on bass and Limbus on percussions contributed to this great album. The first 4 titles on the CD (formerly A-Side of the album) are in the tradition of the second album "Hand und Fuss". "Psychochinese im Stanzwerk" reminds to Amon Duul's Deutsch-Nepal. For the first time Muck Groh uses vocals in his compositions in a folky style and "Blinde Kuh" reminds a little bit to the early German new wave bands like Spliff or Nina Hagen Band. All in all this album shows many facets of Muck Grohs composer abilities and convinces with its clever arrangements. CD comes with comprehensive booklet with rare and unseen photos and there are 8 bonus tracks taken from a concert from 1981. Secret tip!
Album: Muckefuck
Year: 1979
Label: Long Hair
Format: RAR(+3%) Flac(separate)+HQ SCANS
Size: 519 Mb
Source: my CD

Muck Groh - guitar
Matz Steinke - bass
Herr Lampezzi (Freddy Setz) - drums
Meier-Limbus - percussion, congas, bongas, gongs
Alto Pappert - tenor & alto sax
Wolfgang Teske - drums
Christoph Krieger - violin
Klaus Kreuzeder - soprano sax, lyrics
Uwe Gaasch - vocals (5)
Eva Gruber - vocals (6,8)
Manni Neuner - synthesizer

1. Zappenduster (5:37)
2. Traumtanzer (4:39)
3. Elfen Konigin auf Staatsbesuch im Urwald (sehr elegant Herr Elefant) (5:47)
4. Penisnight (4:40)
5. Blinde Kuh (4:48)
6. Mondstrahl (3:17)
7. Psychochinese im Stanzwerk (4:46)
8. Liebeslied (4:06)
9. All-Raunen (2:07)

Bonus tracks [Live]:
10. Penisnight (3:35)
11. Traumtanzer (3:05)
12. Psychochinese Im Stanzwerk (4:58)
13. Mondstrahl (3:01)
14. Elfen Konigin Auf Staatsbesuch Im Urwald (Sehr Elegant Herr Elefant!) (2:44)
15. Liebeslied (2:47)
16. Kinderlied (3:34)
17. Zappenduster (4:18)

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