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По умолчанию Eden's Taste - Meilenstaine (1983)


01. Meilensteine 8:01
02. Erinnerungen 6:05
03. Sehnsucht 8:17
04. Die Reise 5:29
05. Superstar 4:48
06. Politiker 6:57
07. Getrennte Wege 6:08

There are plates of which one knows that they do not really outstanding but they are dearly loved, and this is one. Well, then, what is the secret of love necessary? Genesis! Not again, I hear you scream there? ! Eden's Taste serve us waiting in Genesis' Wind and Wuthering' style at its best. Is it rare that a band actually creates the magic of Progg?tter to awaken again. For the musical side of it does, everything is milestones said. Really new actually, only the really good German song. For this purpose, characterized by the way Michael Brown in charge, who had briefly worked for Anyone's Daughter yes on the mic. Although the lyrics are slightly cheesy but never embarrassing. Only Superstar and politicians fall despite good approaches from the rest of quality, since the chorus somehow disturbing effect. Unfortunately I know absolutely nothing else about this band. Maybe one of you can help me there? So now, but let's go and look for this LP the lookout! I think as much recognition as Neuschwanstein has already earned. For sound fanatics, this is a private production, but that should not deter one can enjoy this disc. A word to the rating: I like this album very much! No it's not a masterpiece!

by babyblaue
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