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Icon CD Checkpoint Charlie (Krautrock - experimental)

Artist: Checkpoint Charlie
Album: Echtes Liveblocking Gurglersinfonie
Year: 1990
Country; Grmany
Label: Schneeball EFA 01046 - CD 26
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Avant prog, experimental, Krautrock
Format: ape (image) with cue,log, md5 e audiochecker
artcover: yes, full
Size: 227 MB (4% recovery)
Source: friend's cd collection

The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
Checkpoint Charlie (named after the notorious checkpoint in the Berlin Wall) have often been acclaimed as the first truly German rock band. They originated from Karlsruhe, and, as early as 1967, they were performing their own uniquely groundbreaking Terror Rock music in German! An extremely radical political rock band, especially so in their early days, Checkpoint Charlie were also innovators along with Floh De Cologne and Ton Steine Scherben of a unique German form of rock, blending all sorts of music into a complex and often aggressive rock music.
Their debut (roughly translating as Good God - It's A Hell Of A Noise) was very extreme, and rather difficult to come to grips with, notorious for its bizarre theatrics and scathing lyrics, but with numerous brilliant musical vignettes contained within.
Many years on, and with only two members in common, and Wilfried Sahm (from Poseidon) adding his bluesy psychedelic guitar, the later albums saw more refinement instrumentally, with complex progressive rock styles (akin to Oktober, Lokomotive Kreuzberg, et al.) making headway against the theatrics, especially so on FR?HLING DER KR?PPEL, which featured keyboards strongly, and lengthy instrumental sections venturing on to Grobschnitt realms even. The eponymous live album (known as Die Durchsichtige aka the transparent one in English, because of the Faust like clear package) showcased them vividly blending angst-punk and complex prog with a brash polit focus.
Throughout, even into the 1980's, Checkpoint Charlie have proven to be amongst the most uncompromising of Krautrock bands, notably on KRAWALL IN SCHWEINESTALL (Uproar in the Pig Sty) a very Floh De Cologne-esque album that is especially worth investigation. However FEUER & FLAMME (which comes with a match-book on the front cover, and a burnt insert) is arguably a bit too angry for its own good! After this the band folded, with Sahm going on to the remarkable Sch?ggi B?dsch.
The more recent Echtes Liveblocking Gurglersinfonie seems to be a reformation, and finds only a nucleus of two (supported by guests) for a more eccentric tongue-in-check affair more like Der Plan.
01 Die deutsch,deutsch Darmfluoreszenz
02 I let you fall
03 Abshaum der Menschheit
04 Chains of Love
05 Bebeltransporter
06 Laiberikas
07 Fracktaschenmasturbation
08 Der jungle Schlesier
09 Hitler
10 Er fährt nicht mehr nach Thailand
Weil er sein girl in Sachesen fand
11 Die Überwindung des Stadtkerns
12 Schaut ihn euch an
13 Coce high Lulu
14 Stempel der Apocalypse

Line Up:
Uwe von Trotha (voice),
Therofal (vocals, keyboards, bass, guitar, musical box, accordion, melodica),
Shirley Hofmann (trombone)
HBW (violins, pandeiro)
Harry Coltello (guitar)
Stefan Gansewig (guitar)
Rupert Volz (guitar, trumpet)
Wieslaw Morzik (voice)
K.H. Backes (keyboards)
Hubl Greiner (atabacqui, pandeiro, quica, metal sheets, radio)

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