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Icon CD El Puente De Alvarado (Mexico - Progressive rock)

Artist: El Puente De Alvarado
Album: Conquista y Destrucción de México-Tenochtitlán
Year: 1996
Country: Mexico
Label: Momia
Style: Progressive rock,heavy prog.
Genre: Symphonic Prog.
Format: ape (image) with cue,log, md5 e audiochecker
artcover: yes, full
Size: 259 MB (5 % recovery)
Source: my cd collection

El Puente De Alvarado are a project with the leadership of Carlos Alvarado, founder and keyboardist of Chac Mool and Ricardo Moreno, guitarist of band Iconoclasta. They also count with the the participation of bassist Arturo Manzur and drummer V?ctor Baldovinos (from Iconoclasta too).
They play a heavy prog, with clear melodic tendencies and a certain latin rock flavor, where the influences from the mentioned bands are also quite noticeable. Unfortunately until now (2008), they have only one album released but there are expectations of new issues in the close future.
The album has a total time of 40 minutes and contains 10 tracks, there is only one epic which happens to be the last song, and the other ones lasts 3 to 4 minutes average.
It kicks off with Espiritu Volatil and in the very beginning it shows some guitar riffs that let us know that guitar is probably the leading instrument and most recognizable, i actually notice that Moreno's particular style, since his guitar sounds pretty alike that in his Iconoclasta's works, the keyboards also play an important role here as another main instrument and as a background, nice melody.
The next one is Relieve Muro and stars with a strange sound as a manufacturer or something, and then a heavier and rockier guitar playing along with nice drums make the song, this is a powerful song and a clear example of why the band is under the Heavy Prog sub genre.
Fundacion is a very nice song with some strange textures and always predominant guitar riffs, the bass also does it nice and the keyboard work is pretty decent, there are some little time changes during this song.
Rosa Mexicano is actually pretty alike to the previous song, with a middle tempo track that suddenly slows down, showing some nice bass lines and always a guitar riff, whooops, i didn't mention at the beginning that this is an instrumental album, so don't expect any lyrics at all. This is a very nice song.
La Noche del Jaguar has some kind of slow march drums, then guitars that keeps playing and playing until the very end of the song, at the half of it, it has a little change and you will listen to the keyboards doing their contribution, it is one of their finest songs i believe, however the style is pretty similar to the previous tracks.
Duro como el desprecio starts with a strong guitar riff accompanied by synth as a background, addicting bass lines and an always constant drumming, despite being a short song i believe it is enjoyable and worth listening, sometimes it stops and always a sample keeps listening, then guitar enters again heavier and making a very nice sound.
Prisioneros hassome nice keyboard tunes and while listening to the song it transports me to some place, i mean it is a visual song where i imagine a man running for his life, besides the all previously mentioned instruments, here we will listen a saxophone which is a great addition to the sound, a fast and short, however pretty nice song.
El Orden de la Negacion has some spacey moments due to the synth, it sounds like an improvisation and in moments sounds like a nice song to close your eyes and meditate, a little different song it is.
Barbarie Simultanea is the shortest song and this is actually an improvisation i have no doubt about it, there is nothing more to add.
The album ends with it's epic called Conquista y destruccion de Mexico-Tenochtitlan!, the title track and the best song and proggiest of them all. Throughout the song, we will listen to soft moments, sudden changes and heavy moments, a drumming that always sounds constant and nice, a synth trying to take the leadership but what always predominates are the guitar riffs. A song divided in various parts but always returning to the same style.
After all, it is a nice album, by no meas the best example of what Mexican Prog is or can offer.
Tracks :
01 Espirito Volátil (3:08)
02 Relieve Muro (3:25)
03 Fundación (4:37)
04 Rosa Mexicano (3:51)
05 La Noche Del Jaguar (4:27)
06 Duro Como El Desprecio (2:57)
07 Prisioneros (3:04)
08 El Orden De La Negación (2:50)
09 Barbarie Simultánea (1:49)
10 Conquista y Destrucción de México-Tenochtitlán (9:52)

Carlos Alvarado Perea - keyboards, samplers
Ricardo Moreno Echeverría - guitars
Armando Beltrán Manzur - bass guitar
Victor Baldovinos Moreno - drums
Germán Bringas, sax on track 07

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