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Icon CD Maelzel Metronome (Progressive rock)

Artist: Maelzel Metronome

Album: Maelzel Metronome
Year: 1993
Country :Italy
label : Erosha 002
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: Avantgarde, Chamber music, avant-prog, free-jazz.
References:Herry Cow, Soft Machine, Universe Zero
Format: ape (image) cue, log & full artcover.
Size: 234 MB (5 % recovery)
Source: tracker site

Italian band from evocative name (the mythical metronomes!) Maelzel Metronome is a cultured and mature project that was born and developed ten years and a couple of months ago, with references to various musical genres and styles. The work consists of songs composed, with arrangements straddling avant-garde free-jazz, chamber music and modern music.
The quartet, composed of musicians with a bag full of musical paths, proposed that a CD is collection of songs that revolve, as it were, around the world of cinema. In particular the first three, say the notes, consisting of elaborations soundtrack designed to accompany the live film of the silent era (formula by which the ensemble is presented to the public), while others, though not born with that particular function, containing, in spoken form, fragments of films (such as text boxes Soap-Universal). Forty minutes divided into seven tracks (of which only the last 4:45 minutes of fully progressive), compositions fluctuating between dreams and poetry, almost entirely instrumental and strong international flavor. For the Down with the labels, we offer quality music, this is a working adult with a sound far removed from what is commonly defined progressive rock but certainly in progress . All means are good evidence of ability to rise to musicians sublime harmonies and dreamlike, marked by moments very poetic and original. A good way to begin exploring a new territory, or if you want; ciditeca inevitable in the more educated consumer of music fine ... but stay away from this if you look hard rock sound or if you are part of those who shine the sound jazz fusion-chamber array free: could cause dangerous drowsiness.

1. Les Mysteres du Chateau du De
2. Regen
3. L` Etoile de Mer
4. Skiz-Uno
5. Non lo so
6. Soap-palchi Universali
7. Skiz-due

Line up:
Fabrizio Mattiello: contrabbasso e basso elettrico
Gian Mattiello: batteria, violoncello e chitarra elettrica
Giampaolo Bellini: sintetizzatori
Stefano Zarzanello: sassofoni, flauto, ottavino, fiati mutanti, chitarra


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