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Жэка is a jewel in the roughЖэка is a jewel in the roughЖэка is a jewel in the roughЖэка is a jewel in the rough
Icon CD The Watch (Progressive rock)

The Watch - Planet Earth (2010)

Страна: Italy
Жанр: ProgRock, art rock
Формат: flac (image + cue+ Log)
Битрейт аудио: lossless 1024
Размер: 295 MB
Залито на: (3% восстановление)
Дополнительно: Full Covers 16.4 mb
Источник: моя Cd коллекция(диск фирменный)

Новый диск Итальянских проггеров. Они всегда работали в духе GENESIS периода 71-74 гг.
Вокалист от Gabriel практически не отличим

Simone ROSSETTI, the charismatic front man of The NIGHT WATCH, continues his impressive work in the new band The WATCH, but he's the only connection between the two bands. The NIGHT WATCH also was featured with one song on The Reading Room (2000) album and than they quit. Simone is an great vocalist/flautist and his voice is very similar to Peter GABRIEL and so the sound on the new album is again like early GENESIS. There are some reminiscences to MARILLION, SPOCK'S BEARD and ?NGLAGARD too.

The WATCH's debut album Ghost sounds so much like GENESIS. The music is very similar to Peter GABRIEL-era GENESIS with lots of magnificient bombastic Mellotron. Folks, this is a total job that sounds like outtakes between Nursery Crime and Selling England By The Pound. This is the best album GENESIS never made! Now we can add another classic to the list. A band to Watch out for!

Songs / Tracks Listing
1. Welcome to your Life (6:11)
2. Something Wrong (7:41)
3. Earth (5:52)
4. All the Lights in Town (8:15)
5. The World Inside (5:58)
6. New Normal (3:41)
7. Tourist Trap (7:23)

Total Time 45:00

Line-up / Musicians
- Simone Rossetti / vocals
- Giorgio Gabriel / guitars
- Guglielmo Mariotti / bass
- Valerio De Vittorio / keyboards
- Marco Fabbri / drums

Releases information

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Ну очень добрый GENESISoman
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