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Milan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to beholdMilan is a splendid one to behold
Icon CD Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent - L.O.V.E. (Box 4CD) 2015
MIG-Music Gmbh

CD 1 - L. - Rock
1. Universal Love
2. Peace On Earth
3. When Was The Last Time
4. Rainmaker
5. Love's A Thing That Money Can't Buy
6. Gone To Pieces
7. Can't Hide The Gypsy
8. One Man's Trash
9. Keep On Running
10. Lightning Never Strikes
11. All I Want Is Your Money
12. Barking At The Wrong Tree
13. If You Wanna Be With Me
14. Is This Love?
15. Sweet Lil' Angel
16. The Magic Of The Moment

CD 2 - O. - Pop
1. Shaftesbury Avenue
2. Hallelujah, Trouble's Over
3. Something To Believe In
4. Heather, The Weather Girl
5. Oh No, Not My Sweet Baby
6. Secret Rendezvous
7. And The World Keeps Turning
8. Here We Go Again
9. Isabella, Where Did Our Love Go?
10. I Wanna Be With You
11. She's Not The One For You
12. Up And Down
13. She's My Pride And Joy
14. My Fair-Weather Friend
15. You're Not True
16. Action Speaks Louder Than Words
17. You've Got A Golden Heart
18. Call I What You Want

CD 3 - V. - Ballads, Blues 'n' Stuff
1. Back On The Road Of Life
2. Spread Your Wings
3. Dead And Gone
4. Have A Little Faith In Me
5. Ain't It So?
6. Not In My Wildest Dreams
7. Here I Am Crying
8. Goodbye, Old Windy City
9. Count On Me
10. I Can't Sleep
11. The World We Live In
12. Daydreamin'
13. Run To Me
14. You Are So Far Awa
15. What If I Said
16. You Gave Me A New Life
17. Too Bad
18. Life Will Go On

CD 4 - E. - Golden Radio Days
1. At The Juke Joint(Instrumental)
2. Intro-Facing The Music 1
3. There's A Tiger Inside
4. Come On, Let's Tango
5. So What Do You Say?
6. Eventually
7. Rich With No Regrets
8. Interlude-Facing The Music 2
9. Little Italy
10. Sing Cantare
11. Sweet Annabelle
12. Just A Fool In Love
13. Interlude-Radio Bnc
14. Fabulous From Britain
15. We Do As We Please
16. Sadie Maybe
17. Moulin Rouge
18. French Knickers & Outro
19. You Are The One

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