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Icon CD Violeta De Outono (Brazil - Psych/space rock)

Artist: Violeta De Outono
Album: Reflexos da noite
Year: 1986
Label: Night Wings
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Psychedelic rock
Format: ape (image) with cue,log,md5
artcover: yes
Size: 298 MB (4% recovery)

Psychedelic rock band lined-up in 1984 in S?o Paulo, they started making a reputation in the underground scene in the next year, when they recorded a demo tape with the songs Outono, Dia Eterno, Decl?nio de Maio and Reflexos da Noite. The tape got heavy rotation on alternative radio stations in S?o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In 1986, they recorded a three-track EP on Wop Bop Discos and signed up to RCA (currently BMG) in 1987, releasing the debut album Violeta de Outono. After the package named The Early Years (comprised of a cassette tape, a EP and a libretto), the follow-up album, Em Toda Parte, came about in 1989. In 1991, vocalist and guitarist F?bio Golfetti left the band to dedicate to the instrumental project ?pera Invis?vel, releasing a solo album, Glissando Spirit, two years later on the label Low Life. VIOLETA made a comeback in 1994, recording new demo tapes and a new album, but they ended up releasing Eclipse, with live recordings from 1986. The album with new songs, Mulher na Montanha, was released in 1999 on the English label Voiceprint, featuring recordings made four years before.

Tracks :
01 Outono
02 Tropico
03 Reflexos da noite
Bonus tracks :
04 Venus
05 Em toda parte
06 Rinoceronte na montanha de geleia
07 Em toda parte II
08 Outra manha
09 O retorno
10 Aum
11 Numa pessoa so

Line Up:
- Fabio Golfetti / guitar, vocals
- Angelo Pastorello / bass
- Claudio Souza / drums

Discography :
Reflexos da noite - 1986 (EP)
Violeta de Outono - 1987
Em Toda Parte - 1989
Eclipse - Ao Vivo - 1995
Mulher Na Montanha - 1999
Live at Rio ArtRock Festival '97 - 2000
Ilhas - 2005
Volume 7 - 2007

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