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По умолчанию Markus Egger - Lebenstanz (1979)


From: heavenly-grooves


01. Blinder Mann (2:50)
02. Frisbee (4:50)
03. Ich will leben (4:40)
04. Narr (4:58)
05. Ich bin so froh (3:46)
06. Dr?ben (5:56)
07. Sterbende Stadt (6:53)
08. Meine Sonne (3:33)
09. Schau dich um (4:12)

All songs are written by Markus Egger


Markus Egger - Gesang

die Band Eden:
Hans M?ller - Schlagzeug
Michael Claren - Alembic Bass, Chor
Michael Wirth - Percussion
Michael Dierks - Fl?gel, Fender-Rhodes, Clarinet, Orgel, Chor
Hans Fritzsch - Gitarren
Dirk Schmalenbach - Violine, Sitar, Fender-Rhodes, Akk. Gitarre, ARP- und Moog-Synthesizer, Polymoog

[Note: On the track Dr?ben is also a flute to hear, to Schau dich um, a saxophone, the cast does not show up in, perhaps it is here at the Eden-member Mario Schaub]

Recordings: Dierks Studio (Sound: Heiner Friesz, Norbert Pawera), August '78 mix: (Aphex) Hermes-Studios, Kamen (sound: Hans-Rolf Schade)
Arrangements and production management: Dirk Schmalenbach

Markus Egger’s name can be found listed as a member of the German groups Semaja and Eden, both of which are Christian bands with superb albums worth tracking down. On this solo album he’s accompanied by the band Eden, so it should come as no surprise that Lebenstanz (German for “life’s dance”) has all the earmarks of an Eden album. That means a high-quality production featuring dynamic electric guitars, spacious commanding synthesizers and vibrant acoustic guitar, all within a ‘70s progressive art-rock context. Includes hard-edged moments as well as artful acoustic stretches and touches of jazz-rock. Further enhanced with organ, flutes, fuzz, violin and even some sitar. All lyrics in German (I did manage to hear a “hallelujah” in there). Bizarre cover art showing a longhaired shirtless guy pointing to the sky while standing between buildings that have signs like “casino”, “sex”, “devil”, “drugs”, etc. (Ken Scott - Archivist)
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