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По умолчанию Circle

Circle - Foreign Skies (1986)


Side one:
01. Why don't we fear (4:04)
02. Harlequin (3:34)
03. More than a nightmare (5:47)
04. Lady (3:37)
05. Sweet childhood (6:06)
06. Nightracer (2:23)

Side two:
07. Circle's edge (7:10)
08. It's not easy (4:43)
09. I believe (5:06)
10. Beneath a foreign sky (5:07)
11. Final step (2:54)


Frank P.R. - vocals and guitar
Andreas Franke - guitar
Volker Stern - keyboards
Ingo Jannes - keyboards
Michael Braun - bass guitar
Josef Kirschgen - drums


Foreign Skies (1986)
Twist of Events (1990)

This is a German six-piece band (including two keyboard players) that made only one album in 1988 on the Music Vision label. It is 'eine Sonderfertigung der EMI-Electrola GmbH' which means that it is a special release from EMI-Electrola GmbH.

Why this artist must be listed in :
This album is a very melodic and harmonic progrock album. The use of two guitar - and two keyboard players gives the music a very lush sound.

I don't want to eliminate Erik's contribution, but I thought it would be nice to add some information. As fortune would have it, I was able to contact Volker Stern. The following commentary is based on what he told me.

The band was founded in 1984 in D?ren Germany. The original lineup was Frank R?venich on guitar and vocals, Michael Braun on bass, Josef Kirschgens on drums, and Volker Stern on keyboards. In late 1985 they were joined by Andy Franke on lead guitar, and Ingo Jannes on keyboards. This would be the lineup for the debut album. In 1986, Foreign Skies was released. The band stayed intact until 1989, when the two newest members (Andy and Ingo) departed. That was when they welcomed Bernd Hilgert on lead guitar. This lineup recorded Twist of Events in 1990.

Volker and Frank wrote all the songs. However, they were not exactly Lennon and McCartney. Rarely did they work together on a composition. The main problem was musical vision. While Volker was after a more progressive direction, Frank wanted a more mainstream sound (Volker suggests a comparison between Harlequin and Circles Edge to see this delineation). After a few concerts in support of Twist of Events, Josef and Bernd left the band. This, combined with increased struggling between Frank and Volker, led them to dissolve Circle altogether in late 1990.

Volker and Michael still play together, but have made no new official releases. He views it more as a hobby now.

H.T. Riekels (with help from Volker Stern)

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