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По умолчанию Round House

Round House - Down To Earth (1973)
LP Harvest 1C 062-29 483



Site A:

01. Alchemy Is Good For You (Don't You Know It)
02. Suite Hope:
a) Hope For Mankind
b) Hope For Children
c) Hope For Music
d) Interlude
e) Hope For The Universe

Site B:

01. Gone To The Dogs
02. If You Know
04. Gimme Some Lovin'
05. So Sad


Kurt Weil (trombone, vibraphone)
Gustav Csik (piano, organ)
Bernd Heil (guitar, vocals)
Jean-Pierre Wuttke (tenor/alto saxophones, vocals)
Laszlo Juhasz (trumpet)
Ralph Bloch (drums)
Jerry Hovell (bass, vocals)

DOWN TO EARTH Lp by ROUND HOUSE. Original German pressing on HARVEST label (1C 062-29), from 1973. Cult, German / Swiss / French combo and this is their session that includes the delirious Krautrock funk of ALCHEMY IS GOOD FOR YOU. Comped on La Discoteque Psychedelique for Boss-A-tone label. Heavy prog flute solos / wah wah / hammond and punishing drum breaks and basslines. The Down To Earth Lp also features the incredible jazz rock suite, HOPE, a bit like the German equivalent of UK bandTrifle with lots of fender rhodes / vibes and killer horn section. Downtempo Dusty Fingers style beats and lots of superb lead vocals on this record too. Just listen to the soundclip. This is the rarest of their 2 Lps so check it out!!!

Vinyl is close to shiny, M- condition with some light scuffs and superficial hairlines. The laminated picture sleeve is close to M- condition with very light wear. Rare Lp!!!


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