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Icon CD Recordando o Vale das Maçãs (Brasil - Progressive rock)

Artist: Recordando o Vale das Maçãs
Album: As Crianças Da Nova Floresta
Year: 1977
Country : Brazil
label : Progressive Rock Worldwide PRW 010
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: symphonic prog, prog-folk
Format: ape (image), cue, log & full artcover.
Size: 351 MB (4 % recovery)
Source: my cd collection

After all, South American bands are not too many to have break the lines of good criticism on PA. And this one surely deserves all of your attention. A one shot band perhaps, but lots of great Italian bands also played in this division of one chord wonders.
The music you will discover here is absolutely delightful. Superb violins, instrumental harmonies, subtle and great fluting, great guitar: you name it! Each piece of music is admirable. The longest one The Children Of the New World almost holds everything you could expect from the symphonic genre (my fave one I guess while I look at my stats on PA).
There are hardly any loose moment available on this offering. All instrumental, but this really doesn't matter while the musical level reaches such high proportions. Maybe one of the best Brazilian prog album ever (together with the sublime Depois Do Fim from Bacamarte).
Such albums on a prog site surely deserves more than three reviews with comments (four with this one). I can only invite you to listen to this work, to enjoy it as I did, to review it so that this lost gem of the seventies gets the reward it deserves.
The very much Santana like Water is also a very pleasant piece of music of which the great guitar work says it all. Emotion at its peak. And you might know, emotion is a key factor in my musical passion. Fantastic and bombastic final part: another highlight for sure.
But when you listen to the sublime Hermit and its fantastic guitar, what can you say? Magical I guess! What a great piece of music. Even if the great Carlos has been borrowed, I can only succumb to such a great track (at least during the initial and closing parts).
The same feeling prevails during the excellent Seeds Of Light: a gorgeous Andean fluting and some extraordinary guitar lines again. This album offers really some great symphonic prog moments.
Nonetheless, this remarkable work should attract your ears, heart and writing skills. This is an excellent album. Symph prog at its best.
1. Remembering Apples Valley II (5:10)
2. The Children Of The New World (13:30)
3. Water (6:22)
4. The Hermit (11:13)
5. Himalaia (12:54)
6. Seeds Of Light (3:38)
Total Time: 52:47

- Fernando Pacheco / electric & acoustic guitars
- Miltom Bernardes / drums, percussion
- Eliseu Filho (Lee) / keyboards, violin
- Ronaldo Mesquita (Gui) / bass
- Fernando Motta / acoustic guitar on 5, 6
- Domingos Mariotti / flute, digital horn
- Fernando Ramos / keyboards

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Icon CD Fernando Pacheco with Recordando o Vale das Ma??s - 1987 Himalaia

Artist: Fernando Pacheco with Recordando o Vale das Maçãs
Album: Himalaia
Year: 1987
Country : Brazil
label : Progressive Rock Worldwide PRW 044
Style: Progressive Rock
Genre: symphonic prog, prog-folk
Format: ape (image) cue, log, md5 & full artcover.
Size: 285 MB (4 % recovery)
Source: my cd collection

Progarchives about Recordando o Vale das Maçãs:
This is a very good example of mellow Brazilian instrumental symphonic prog-rock. Besides the standard guitar,dual keyboards, bass, drums lineup, the sound includes violin, flute and digital horn. Their music mixes in very good proportions the calm symphonic passages of a South American flavored Camel with Brazilian Folk (MPB), some North American Country reminiscences, a lot of good taste textures and even some baroque and renaissance sparkles.
With only one exceptional album recorded in 1977: As crian?as da nova floresta is a very nice South American heavy, melodic classical progressive album from the 70's. This is very well balanced between great, GILMOUR-like guitar, flute everywhere, double keyboards, and classical guitar. Here the influence of CAMEL and generally of light symphonic/light Canterbury is evident. The arrangements are always very tastefully done, musically involved, and consistently interesting. 1977-1982 is the re-issue of this album with two bonus tracks. Recommended if you appreciate bands such as the South American O TER?O, OS MUTANTES, SAGRADO CORA??O DA TERRA, PABLO EL ENTERRADOR and the classic CAMEL.

This album is presented like a solo effort from RVDM guitar player Fernando Pacheco. However the band plays in many tracks ofthe album.
Recordando o Vale das Maçãs discography:
* 1977 - As Crianças da Nova Floresta
* 1982 - Sorriso de Verão/Flores na Estrada (EP)
* 1986 - Himalaia (Fernando Pacheco "with" Recordando o Vale das Maçãs)
* 1993 - As Crianças da Nova Floresta II
* 1999 - Himalaia II
* 2001 - 1977-1982 ( “As Crianças da Nova Floresta” reworked (label: Rock Symphony)
* 2006 - Spirals Of Time (with the name G.A.L.F.)

The Past:
1 - Sonho (2:30)
2 - Himalaia (13:03)
The Present:
3 - Progressivo L-2 Sul (4:31)
4 - Ciclo da Vida (16:57)
5 - Civilização Maia: Prelude (0:50)
Total: 41:02

Line up:
Fernando Pacheco - Guitarra (1, 2, 3, 4 e 5)
Fernando Motta - Violão (1, 2, 4)
Ronaldo "Gui" Mesquita - Baixo (1, 2)
Eliseu "Lee" Filho - Teclados (1, 2)
Lourenço Gotti - Bateria (1, 2)
Luiz Aranha - Violino (1, 2)
Moacir Amaral - Flauta (1, 2)
Nélio Porto - Teclados (3, 4, 5)
Gustavo Biscaro - Bateria (3, 4, 5)
Guilherme Cordeiro - Baixo (3, 4, 5)

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