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Icon CD Raiz de Pedra (Brazil - Progressive jazz)

Raiz de pedra - Trajetória (2006)

Artist: Raiz de pedra
Album: Trajetória
Year: 2006
Label: Editio Princeps editio-15
Country: Brazil
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: progressive jazz, jazz-rock,avant-jazz.
Format: ape (image) with cue, log, full artcover
Size (album): 443 Mb (4 % recovery)
Size (artcover): 7,6 Mb (4 % recovery)
Source: My cd collection

01 Prisma
02 Quatro Cores
03 Trajetória
04 Movimento
05 Carnaval Dos Aflitos
06 Céu, Espelhos e Cristais
07 Alameda das Orquideas
08 Cavalgada
09 De Passagem
Bonus tracks:
10 Trem Fantasma
11 Da Suite Para a Cozinha
12 Carnaval Dos Aflitos
13 Evasão

Line up:
Márcio Tubino - sax alto, soprano e flautas
Pedro Tagliani - guitarra e violão de seis cordas
Marcelo Nadruz - piano acústico e JX8P
Ciro Trindade - baixo e baixo fretless
Cesar Audi - bateria
Fernando do Ó - percussion

This album presents of very interesting South American group - the instrumental quintet Raiz De Pedra from Brazil. Although often referred to as a jazz group, they play a completely original type of music, with a lot of jazzy influences but very far from conventional jazz. In fact they are much closer to Rio groups, like Univers Zero, than to any mainstream jazz. Fronted by the excellent reeds and flute player M?rcio Tubino, they play their “far out” music with ease and elegance. The compositions are very unconventional, with offbeat rhythms and tempos. The guitar and keyboards (when not soloing) often support the saxophone by creating layers of electronic sounds and the rhythm section (strengthened by a guest percussionist) provides a polyrhythmic drive. In short this is one of those uncanny albums that make your ears stand up when you hear it for the first time and tempt you to return to it time after time to really get it all. Warmly recommended.
note : use hjsplit to join first 2 files before unrar
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Any chance of getting a re-up for this?
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