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kirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud ofkirill-purple has much to be proud of
Icon CD Blue Mammoth (Brazil) - Progressive Rock

Blue Mammoth - Blue Mammoth 2011

Brazilian act BLUE MAMMOTH was formally formed in 2009. At that point long time friends Julien Quilodran (bass) and Andre Micheli (keyboards) had already been developing Blue Mammoth as a studio project, initially perhaps mostly driven by Quilodran's need and desire to be involved in a creative and fruitful musical cooperation following the demise of his former band The Octohpera in 2002, slowly developing to become a studio based creative outlet and then finally a true to life band when Thiego mayer (drums) and Andre Lupac (guitars) joined on a permanent basis.

Following the release of some initial singles, Blue Mammoth was approached by indie label Masque Records. Work subsequently started on the creation of a debut album. At this stage Lupac unfortunately had to leave the band, but thankfully Cesar Aires (guitars), who had been involved in the earlier project stage of the band, had both possibility and interest to join. Ensuring that the work with their forthcoming debut could go on more or less as planned.

After two years of work a full album's worth of material was ready for launch, and in 2011 Blue Mammoth, the band and the album, was made available courtesy of Masque Records.
Страна: Brazil
Жанр: Progressive Rock
Информация о релизе: CD 2011 Masque Records (MRCD0911)
Формат: Flac(image+cue+log+scans)
Продолжительность: 63:38
Размер архива: 474mb(+5%recover)
Источник: my CD

Songs / Tracks Listing

Blue Mammoth
1. I: Overture. The Awakening of a Giant (3:15)
2. II: The King of Power (6:30)
3. III: Winter Winds (4:23)
4. IV: Coda. Back Again (1:28)
5. Metamorphosis (5:32)
Rain of Changes: A Poet Spirit Voyage
6. I: Growin' (8:08)
7. II: Who We Are (5:21)
8. III: The Sun's Face Through Dark Clouds (3:50)
9. Same Old Sad Tale (5:20)
Quixote's Dream
10. I: Farewell My Lady (1:19)
11. II: Hero (6:58)
12. III: Solitude (0:53)
13. Resurrection Day (5:32)
14: Infinite Strangers (5:09)

Line-up / Musicians

- Andre Micheli / vocals, keyboards
- Julian Quilodran / bass, cello, flute, vocals
- Thiago Meyer / drums, percussion, vocals
- Cesar Aires / guitars, vocals

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