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Icon CD Radio Noisz Ensemble

The Crack in the Cosmic Egg

Formed in 1980, by three former Emma Myldenberger musicians as a new instrumental group, it was virtually guaranteed the Radio Noisz Ensemble were going to be something extraordinary. And, in fact, what they came up with was a logical development from those folk-rock and ethnic spiced instrumentals of Emma Myldenberger.

On YNIVERZE the music had become really complex, involving even more mantric styled rhythms (akin to Third Ear Band), along with extensive use of Turkish and Middle-Eastern themes, and a spellbinding hypnotic quality that's so invigorating. Only one German band ever really hinted at this sort of music before, namely Between, especially with their rhythmic structure, oboe as lead instrument and incessant innovation. But the Radio Noisz Ensemble's development on this idea was even more radical and groundbreaking!

Since their demise, Biber Gullatz has become much sought after as a session musician, working mostly in the jazz and world music fields, and features in Mani Neumeier's Terra Amphibia project.
Odiszee-Parck, 1983

Artist: Radio Noisz Ensemble
Album: Odiszee-Parck
Year: 1983
Label: Garden of Delights, 2010
Style: Progressive rock
Genre: Krautrock, prog folk, psychedelic, jazz-rock
Format: FLAC (separate) +CUE+LOG+SCANS
Size: 505 Mb
Source: my CD collection


The Radio Noisz Ensemble, successor of the folk group Emma Myldenberger, came from the Weinheim an der Bergstrasse area and released its only LP, Yniverze (Ubu Muziek UMS 01), in 1982. It was compared to works of the Third Ear Band, Between, and Tri Atma. Odiszee-Parck (Ubu Muziek UMS 03), appearing only as a small cassette edition, followed in 1983. The music on this album is of a significantly freer style, more unwieldy and harder to digest than its predecessor; less meditative. The CD was drawn from the master tape. The cover motif is the same as the one used for the cassette, the only difference being its coloured design - like the concert poster of a quite similar make - instead of black and white. Once again the oboe is the leading instrument, and also the remaining instrumentation, featuring English horn, zither, double-bass, violin, flutes, etc. is quite unusual.
Line-up / Musicians:
Topsi Tkacz - double-bass, vocals
Biber Gullatz - oboe, flute, alto sax, cor anglais, voice
Michel Meyer - guitar, zith, voice
Sigi Siegler - tablas, percussion

Songs / Tracks Listing:
1. Odiszee-Parck (11:18)
2. Circkus Minor (3:58)
3. Rara (8:30)
4. IllOrno (1:02)
5. Why Art We So Hungry? (5:30)
6. A Ta Tendresse (0:52)

7. Green Bananas (6:44)
8. Der Chrybische Printz (8:37)
9. Serenade Central (8:07)
10. Circkus Minor (3:47)
11. Bizarreville (5:18)
12. Alina (4:45)
13. Apparati (8:13)


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