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himmelrote 16.07.2011 15:11

Janko Nilovic
Artist: Janko Nilovic
Title: Supra Pop Impressions
Year of Release: 1973
Label: Montparnasse 2000
Catalog #: MP 16
Original Format: Vinyl LP
Digital Format: MP3
Bitrate: MP3 256 kbps
Genres: Library Music, Psychedelic Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues Rock
Track List
A1. Electric Days
A2. Roses and Revolvers
A3. Once In My Country
A4. Krishna Mission
A5. Mystic Words
A6. Pop Circus
B1. Tapatapa
B2. Chorus For Leslie
B3. Girl Named Revolte
B4. Ballet Mecanique
B5. House In The Plain
B6. Funky Stage


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