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phs_br 12.10.2010 21:12

Novaks Kapelle (Austria)
Live (1977)




01. Go man go (5:02)
02. Din of the stars (4:40)
03. Animal love (4:22)
04. Don't think once, don't think twice (2:12)
05. Madman's prayer (11:20)


Walla Mauritz - vocals, saxophone, harmonica
Harry Stojka - guitars
Paul Braunsteiner - guitar
Paeter Travnicek - bass
Erwin Novak - drums

That is a gift for all of the forum...

I got that gift of the Austrian Martin Pruckner (of the old site GermanRock) when it came to Brazil, he brought me that gift...

Thank you Martin and enjoy all members of the forum...

Originating from Vienna, Austria in 1967, the blues combo Novak's Kapelle (Novak's band) were formed by the enterprising drummer Erwin Novak, along with Walla Mauritz (harmonica, vocals), Helge Thor (guitar) and Peter Travnicek (bass, vocals). During their first decade they only released two singles and apparently became quite an underground cult.

Based on Live, the debut mini-LP from 1977, Novak's Kapelle were one of the wildest and inventive live rock bands from Austria. It almost seemed as though they'd stolen themes from the Groundhogs SPLIT, adding Teutonic hard-rock and Captain Beefheart touches, putting incredible energy into the resulting concoction. Some of the same material can be found on NAKED (which is most notorious for its quaintly outrageous cover), yet with different titles and lyrics, and an almost American rootsy country style. It was a major disappointment.


Naked (1978)




01. Naked 2:42
02. Money Money 3:29
03. Din Of The Stars 2:12
04. Country Love 2:53
05. 1975 1:14
06. Supermarket Dreams 4:31
07. Kotfinger 2:59
08. Light?n Darkness 8:41
09. Cold Farmer (Spunk) 3:14


Paul Braunsteiner (guitar, vocals)
Walla Mauritz (vocals, saxophone, harmonica)
Erwin Novak (drums)
Harry Stojka (guitars, vocals)
Paeter Travnicek (bass, vocals)
+ Renate Maurer (vocals)
Gitta Walther (vocals)

Recorded October 1977 and January 1978 at Musicland Studios, Munich
Disc Mastering at JVC Cutting Center, Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles
Gatefold cover. Originally sold in stores in a red plastic wrap to cover the 'offensive' motif on the cover.

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