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Antiquar 06.09.2016 01:46

Sil Austin (Jazz, Easy Listening)
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Sil Austin - Golden double album (LP 197x)

01. Danny boy (Weatherly)
02. I really don't want to know (H. Barnes, D. Robertson)
03. You'll never know (H. Warren, M. Gordon)
04. San Francisco (wear some flowers) (J. Phillips)
05. Broken promises (Schachtel)
06. Autumn in New York (V. Duke)
07. Smoke gets in your eyes (J. Kern, O.Harbach)

08. Honey (B. Russell)
09. Night fall (Alexander)
10. Tenderly (J. Lawrence, W. Gross)
11. You belong to me (P. W. King, C. Price, R. Stewart)
12. Alfie (H. David, B. Bacharach)
13. Stardust (Parish, Carmichael)
14. Misty (E. Garner, J. Burke)

15. Harlem nocturne (Hagen, Rogers)
16. Tara's theme (David, Steiner)
17. Someone to watch over me (G. Gershwin, I. Gershwin)
18. Fly me to the moon (B. Howard)
19. The very thought of you (R. Noble)
20. I've got you under my skin (C. Porter)
21. A whiter shade of pale (K. Reid, G. Brooker)

22. Red sails in the sunset (H. Williams, J. Kennedy)
23. It's a lonesome old town (Tobias, Kisco)
24. September in the rain (H. Warren, A. Dubin)
25. Days of wine and roses (H. Mancini, J. Mercer)
26. Moon river (H. Mancini, J. Mercer)
27. Red roses for a blue lady (R. C. Bennet, S. Tepper)
28. I left my heart in San Francisco (Cory, Cross)

original recording by Shelby Singleton Productions, U. S. A.


HQ LP rip by sergio/Lossless/Flac/Cue + Image/Cover/3%

[Для просмотра ссылки нужно ]

[Для просмотра ссылки нужно ][Для просмотра ссылки нужно ]

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